Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Nice trekking trough the Kučaj landscape

On Sunday I did one really nice trekking trough the beautiful landscape over Kučaj mountain.
I was planning this action a while ago and this weekend I finaly have been able to done it.
I had a lot of joy running along the large tracks that pass through the great open karst terrain as well as clean beech forest and dark pine woods. The course was 22.7 km long between 790 and 916 meters height difference. So, nice and pretty flat trail that took to me 2 hours and 54 minutes including break-times for taking photos and extra-energy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is not any football team formation, it is my new way of winter preparation.
2 - Saturday & Sunday:
Saturday: Long, easy running. Combination: cross + orienteering
Sunday: Exercise, stretching, strength exercise...
1 - Monday: rest
3 - Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
Tuesday: Interval running
Wednesday: Exercise, stretching, strength exercise...
Thursday: Short running, swimming
1- Friday: rest
I talked with several athletes who made their best results between 33-37 years of age, and who gave me advice about the choice of method of preparation in accordance with my age and other obligations.
We also talked about the option 2-1-2 ( 1 - day for rest), but in my opinion this option I do not match right now...
Although January is, great weather conditions allow us to work well orienteering trainings.
In Saturday, I made almost
13 km orienteering , shared in two parts.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year weekend

Weekend behind us went very well.
On Friday, the first day in a New Year I made short cross running in Kosutnjak. After a rainy day, it was very wet and dirty, along the roads and paths.
On Saturday we held a team tracking and also chek the maps for upcoming "Beograd Open" competition which will be held on the grounds of a Deliblato sands in early March
We should running 2h 30min for a 16.3km and checking 4km2 mapped terrains.
It was nice, useful and necessary training.
Sunday, during the winter days, is usually reserved for indoor training. Exercises, stretching... Once, while pages not yet been placed and when we searched top orienters personal pages through the connection of the runner to runner, I remember that I found on Janne Lakanen pages good article about "body-control" and very interesting movies about his
"indoor" way. That I realized how is important ordinary and usually very boring exercises, which help us to protect our muscles, especially after a long running what we had a day before.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Relay NC ( or "God bless relay )

Yesterday we were in Vrnjacka Banja Spa and ran Relay National Championship.
The organizers and national federation decided, in the name of orienteering promotion, hold competition in urban area, in Serbian famous spa center - Vrnjacka Banja.
In previous days we can heard a lot of opposit point of view, and clubs who were against this conclusion, but after the race I belive the everybody could be satisfaid. Except the teams who doesen't shot the target, of course.
The area covered with lot of parks, old buildings, hotels, pools. In this period of the year, especialy on Sunday, there were a lot of tourists, visitors and walkers.
So, instead of forests peace and silence we had beton, loudness, confusion... Great conditions and opportunity for city-guys to win :)
In male senior class over 20 teams took their position on the start line. My club (OT Kosutnjak), defending champions from previous year, this year started with same runners but different order - Popovic, Vukovic and I.
The perchance is dissapear after we exchanged 1st. Dejan made 3 minute advantage against second best team "Celik", Igor increased margine almost 10 minut more and everything what I should to do is make one stabile race and finishing easily. The all 3rd legs were slower in the field and main reason could be tropical heat - over 30 deegres.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dunavski kup 2009

O-season in Serbia is officialy started on sunday.

First race for National cup was "Danube Cup", one of the biggest multiday competition in this part of the Europe in the middle of '80 on XX century.
Yesterday, almost 300 orienters took part at the competition.
In male senior class, course length was 5.1 km and the winner, Vukovic Igor made very fast and stabile preformans with 30:46.
I took 7th place, almost 7 min. behind my team-mate.
You can see results here.